The Hill …

Ah this is so nice to be able to train outside .

This sunday we were pleased to see Will and David, our two newest members,  join the party !

We went on the backside of the slope and started with running it up and down.

Then footwork up hill

Mitt/ pad training, combinations jab cross hook -the pad holder hit the sides of the body- and finish with cross- cross

Then we worked on cross for a while

and hook kicks combinations:  low- high- low,  without landing the foot.

we did some sparring with the pads: the pad holder is  in movement and shows the pad in whatever position.

The exercise is to respond with correct punch or kick, adapting with correct distance and appropriate footwork.

We trained on kicks up hill, the pad holder has the higher position and goes up while the other one is kicking the pad  going up with right and left hook kick. Good exercise for high kicks balance and stability !

Then the guys carried each other running up , my partner was Micke and there is no way I could carry him ! so I pushed him up , while he was resisting and trying to push me down…

We raced each other up, I was not one of the first up , but I ran anyway.

Some protective gear on, it was sparring time. Again up hill,  the exercise was to sparr the opponent who has a higher position and this is easier for him to just push the other one down.

Last exercise, frog jumps … all the way up… only one person  did it, the frog eater : ME  ! 🙂

Ah this session was great , we worked all hard and had lots of fun !