“black eye Girl”

yeah ! ok first the back and now the eye, I wonder what´s next….

Oh Well, that´s the way it can go sometimes, this is martial arts. I take it because I have to, the day I get myself into a real life situation there will be no time for pain or fear.

Anyway this black eye hurts like hell today but I did not feel a thing yesterday at all, I discovered the “surprise” this morning when I got up.

It was nice to meet new people at the training yesterday, David I had met before, Adam is the giant man that I met for the first time yesterday. We hope we´ll see them on a regular basis as some of us disappeared without a trace.. again…

We only sparred yesterday, I started with some “teaching” David about the basis, I explained how footwork is the key and that you cannot do without. I gave him some advice on what to do at home and what to focus on , it was nice of Micke to let me do that , I really appreciated the opportunity.

Then we let them sparr against each other and we sparred ( Micke  and I) , on the concrete plattform with no gear and we toughed it up a little. I fell good and in control even when he tried to strangle me, I got lose and fought back.

The we sparred one on one against a wall, Micke had decided he would go for the arm that I injured a week before…

Well, once more I have to learn to protect my weaknesses!

We were talking with David about the awareness and how to not make our disadvantages worse , David and I have almost the same height, I told him to keep a straight body because he has a tendency to bend and look down, this makes a too  easy target for the other who has a double advantage. The disadvantage of smaller people has to be compensated by an outstanding footwork, this is what will make us at the same level or better.

At last,  Adam asked Micke to sparr and we got some pretty good filming on this one 🙂 you can check this on our group page .