Make it real

we trained with Nicklas yesterday. first techniques on pads / mitts and then some sparring.

Nicklas had disappeared for a while and he was not feeling at the top but I have to say he´s got some good chances to be good at it, as for a beginner he has a really good form. this is the thing with JKD you don´t get away with only training once every 3 months or so…

I felt very low on energy and had problems with the flow. It happens sometimes. Micke says I need to accept it, no one can be at the top everyday all year round. I am better but I still have difficulties to accept this when it happens, I get depressed because I feel I kind of spoiled a training session for myself.

Anyway, we filmed the sparring with the headcam. Micke was carrying it on his helmet, he was keeping the distance more than usual and hiting also harder than usual. I did not feel good about this sparring at all.

I thought about it afterwards and actually the fact that Micke makes our sparring as real as possible, is for sure hard on us but on the other side, he is doing us a big favour: preparing us for what could happen in the streets. Of course we don´t only train that hard and for what ” could ” happen” but let´s get real about why we all train martial arts.