Great Team=Great training

AH what a nice team we have there! participants of the day : Michel, Remy, Will, Micke and Gina.

We started with technique on mitts, first all punches in whatever combination just to feel it right.

then we worked on cross with retreat

and a combination of Straight lead, the partner tries to hit with the other mitt and  cross straight after the blocking.

all this was done using both sides.

I was working with Will, he hits pretty hard! my arms where shaking after the exercises just by holding the pads 🙂 but I could hold unlike when I train with Micke , it feels my arms are gonna fall down when he hits!

Then it was sparring time,  we took the level up a little trying to keep a good form but giving it all.

The thing with today´s training is that because of the heavy rain, we trained inside the shelter or  “chicken coop” as Micke likes to call it,  which is a very small aera and the awareness of what´s around is extremely important , I mean by that : try not to throw the partner or fall on the bench or something like that…

That was some pretty tough sparring out there,  great time!!!

After everyone has done that,  we decided to try a sitting attack : one person  is sitting on the bench and the other one coming right at him. We laughed a lot when Remy and Michel fought, they were shouting at each other,  the film is going to be great! This is such an interesting training that when it was my turn I requested to do it without protection. The reason for this is simple, while sitting on a bus or train , I don´t wear a helmet and I wanted to see how that would feel.

Of course against Micke there is so much anyone can do and in that position well , it looks pretty finished as soon as it starts, but I am a pretty stuburn girl and I did not give up easily. I loved this exercise, real life situations are important to work on because you never know if you gonna need it someday.

After all this Micke thought we would run the stairs but as Michel and I started we noticed it would not work because of the high grass that had completely covered it in the middle. So instead we ran up the “ski jumping” landing slope made of some kind of slippery plastic grass, this was fun ! then at the top I looked down and as Michel and Remy decided to run it down I told myself: NO WAY ! I took it on the side,  on the real grass instead but the guys went down not running because that was impossible but sliding on their behind!  I was called “chicken”  when I came down 🙂