Controlled Sparring

Last sunday , it was only Adam who showed up for training.

After I warmed up by running up the slope we practised a few techniques on mitts.

Then we went on to sparring where the point this time,  was to focus on the technique. The fact is Adam is so tall I had to adapt to his height and his range. This was actualy very interesting because I sparred in a whole other way, this was obvious that I would have difficulties to reach him with punches so I had to work my kicks more than usual and try to keep the distance.

I also found myself moving my head more to provide  him from reaching me. It felt good, better than the sunday before when I felt totally worthless.

But I should be able to use a good technique in all situations so I heard we will go back to the chicken coop this sunday and  I will have to opportunity to correct my mistakes there as well…