not good enough..

There are some days I wonder why,  how and …WHY ?!!! I am injured and this is the worst timing ever ! two weeks before Mike´s seminar and this is the time I should be training hard in order to be at my best but instead my back and neck hurt so much I can barely walk and move my right arm. I am sad,  I am disappointed, I am mad.

Using unconventional methods  from everything but JKD during sparring sessions is not the best move for sure but what is worse really ? The worst is that I was not able to get myself out, I got strangled and my arm almost broke and I was just stuck without being able to do anything, I did not break the fight because I am so stupid I don´t want to, I don´t want to be the one giving up, which is stupid because what did I get from it now? and it could have been worse.

This is of course a lesson, sparring is tough and I got hurt before , this time was a bit different because our new friend did not do JKD and frankly I don´t understand what the point was actually,  but I am hurt and I am angry , not at him but at myself ,  I won´t be able to train and I don´t know for how long , I should have been able to handle this in a better way.

In the streets I will never be attacked by a JKD person, I can bet on this so this is the point ! Bruce came up with the style in order to be able to handle anything and anyone, if I can´t after 6 years really what am I doing here?

the question is why I train JKD I think I just answered the question , I think it is the most complete style and I love it, I would never think about training anything else, the fact that I am so hard on myself is what makes me persevere, I am not a quitter and If I get injured like that again I will kick my own ass.

As soon as I get better I will have to find a way to train more efficiently, I cannot let my weight and size be an advantage for the opponent, I cannot let myself get hurt again , people trying ugly tricks on me will regret it next time 🙂