JKD or else ?

I think I have explained numerous times why I train JKD. Let´s talk now about why I train with those guys.

I said it before our team is special,  we have an outstanding instructor and everyone has respect for each other and everyone is here to train JKD .

Now, I am physically hurt alright but I am also hurt mentally, I lost some confidence and patience.

Training JKD up till now have been fun and great, I have been hurt before but it was not intended and part of the JKD sparring, so I took it.

I cannot understand why during a JKD sparring session some people feel they can just go with all they got from another style. We train JKD , the previous experience from some other style won´t make you better than any other beginner and if some people cannot understand that,  I really think they have nothing to do with us.