Training and friendship Sweden 2011

The seminar was a success, we all were very happy to meet each other and the gathering was not only appreciated but needed.

This is such a good opportunity to  get to know people and share knowledge and experience. everyone has always something to learn from other people and this is how it should be. Sharing the knowledge , learn from each other and  even criticize each other in order to come a dialogue which will benefit all parts.

The climate was very simple and relaxed, the question is not to know who is the best because really , this is not the point, the question is evolution and comparing to last seminar in 2009,  we noticed an improvement in each of us, which is so good !

The level of this seminar was good, we had a great time, Mike is a very good teacher and we thank him for giving us the opportunity.

A special thanks to Mikael who worked very hard to make this happen.

I also want to thank Robin Ng for being our photographer and Stefan for letting us use the club.

Thanks to all participants, see you next time .