oh WOW!!! how ridiculous can become even more ridiculous ? now it is getting almost funny,  there are some really dum heads out there, better leave them where they are , my god !

By trying to create some kind of structure , it has created total chaos BUT what is really important here ? well me and my training partners, my real friends and number one MY training, so I took two minutes of my time reading a creepy forum, that is about all the time I will allow myself to loose on that .

Now, let´s focus on what´s important again.

I was quite happy with the fact I could train almost normally at the seminar but  I knew I would pay for that. It is worse now and the health care system in Sweden being a total joke,  I won´t get any doctor appointment for that. I guess I have to suck up the pain that I have all day long everyday and night,  it has now been 3 weeks.

I have learnt a lesson again,  same as in my private life, I will not let anyone hurt me again , not in that way. I will train harder on footwork to avoid people taking me down, this is a real motivation right here.

I have been suffering physically for three weeks and don´t even know how long it is gonna take, this can´t happen to me again.

Next week Micke and I will leave for San Francisco where we´ll meet Jeff Chinn and I hope, Allen Joe . Great times to come !