In our group, only serious and loyal people will remain, yes we have proof of that everyday… and I feel I have now the possibility to make a new list of those people.

JKD stockholm members :

Mikael Egidéus Instructor

Members : Gina , Coshe , Michel, Remy, Will, Adam, Nicklas.

Mikael invited Robin, Remy´s brother as he trained at Stefan´s school also a couple of years ago and we hope he will be able to join sometimes.

I take the opportunity to thank all our members that were present at the seminar, yes a group of really good and serious people we have here. For my part, I was able to train almost as normal and  of course I have been paying for that afterwards because it went worse, but I feel I will be done complaining as some people have dislocated their shoulder and this is way worse. We wish Coshe a quick recovery .

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  1. Yes indeed a nice group of people, thanks Gina for keeping it alive on your blogg also :-)/M


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