Yesterday I worked mostly on footwork , jumping rope first. I worked on footwork only , then added punches, kicks and shadow boxing .

After a while I went to the heavy bag to do some work on the straight lead, I used the technique Mikael showed me to get this “hand before foot” right !

I repeated more than a 100 times slowly at first and then made it look like a punch and tried it all together at the end, I have to say it will require more time, doing the technique slowly first was OK,  I filmed while I was doing it and it worked, every single time I had the hand before foot but when I do the straight lead then, it is not that obvious.

I went on with the heavy bag and trained kicks,  here too I filmed and when I looked at it,  I could see the arm was dropping so I did it again .

The hook kick felt good, the side as well but on film it was not, so I worked on this one a little bit more.

Then I did some statical training for the legs holding the side kick position up as long as possible on each side and tried to have the cleanest position possible and also trying to get it higher and higher.

Obviously there is a stretching problem here so I finished with stretching.

I was pleased with the session yesterday mostly because the filming is a really good idea, sometime you think you do it right and on film it does not look that way,  or one detail is forgotten,

this is the best way to self criticize and see the mistakes in order to fix them.