Is that good to make some? Does something good come out of it ?

I think so , because most of the times it is by making mistakes that you can advance in life.

Sure some mistakes have more consequences than others, some of them are beyond repair and some of them cannot be called mistakes when it endangers peoples lives or something like that.

Let´s talk about judgement mistakes. Stuff that can ruin a friendship, or can it ?

Depends on the nature of the friendship, and talking for myself, I have a friend that I know since we were 6 years old, a lot of false judgements and misunderstandings have ruined our friendship several times. The fact that both of us came clean about the reason why we did what we did to each other, made us learn something from it and go on with our lives. Admitting the real reason behind the attitude shows respect towards the people you ´ve been hurting, but of course it does not excuse anything.

We are all humans, some feelings can come in the way, most of the time they should not, but when it is done what can you do about it ? Again, depends on how important this friendship is for you, if it is then swallow your pride, come clean and try to fix it, and I would say change your attitude for the future, don´t let this happen again. This is the thing with my own mistakes, I have learnt something about myself, have looked in the mirror and wondered:  is that what I want to be? From there I have grown to be a better person and this is why mistakes are good, if you don´t make some you never know if you got a bad attitude and treat people bad, until someone tells you and makes you realize it, and until you have to face the consequences.

I met bad people in my life, I always give one chance, people that screw that up are deleted from my life for good. People that take that chance and show respect and honesty will be fine,  a long as they don´t do it again.

I like to think that I am someone who can be trusted, I will get involved in situations where I see some good in people.

I always say what I think, to anyone, people like me or not for that, it does not matter. What matters is that I know what I am , and I am true to myself and to the people who matter to me,  that is why I expect to be treated the same way.

Mikael and I are very much alike, we do not hesitate screaming at each other sometímes because we always say what we think openly, and what is good about that is both of us appreciate it, because there is no game and no false judgements, we don´t always agree with each other but it is why we work so well together because the dialogue is open and honest,  no matter what. I will always step up and support him in every situation that I know are important to him.