AH ! well doing only footwork is really demanding , some people may think it is boring, I think not, if you really get into it vary the exercises,  add some shadow boxing , it is fun and a real workout.

I repeated it numerous times today , the doctor says I should not do some hard training because of my arm injury so I will focus on footwork and shadow boxing for as long as It is needed.

I worked on footwork by itself,  then with all  punches and kicks, in front of the mirror, in front of the bag with light touch and freely around the room and guess what ? I am really tired , it was a great session.

Still feel like an elephant but I know this will get better. I can see  and feel an improvement  in my techniques, the more I  work on them the better I´gonna get.  I am actually quite happy and very positive about it, as the arm is getting better… so will the rest .

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