November 27th

Here we are, one year after one of the best days ever. I will always remember the feeling I had when Mikael and I entered the room of the Empress Of China in SF. Being part of the dinner party,  celebrating Bruce Lee´s birthday with his family and friends, that was so unbelievable. One year has gone, Bruce would be 71 today.

Today we trained as usual, I started sparring with Adam and injured my foot but I went on after a while to keep it warm and then noticed it was not so bad. Then we sparred with gear on,  I threw  a couple of really nice straight leads and let Niclas hit me a couple of times because I think it is good to know how that feels.

We added some take downs and I was happy to see my technique worked as Niclas could take me down only once.  After a while I lost a contact lens and could not see so good anymore. Mikael told me to sit down and watch instead , well  If there is something I cannot take is to feel I am a girl and whining about a small injury or problem . I was not injured so one eye is better than no eye, let´s go!

I still felt something wrong with my position and even if I work on it at home,  I noticed that during sparring I put too much weight on the rear leg, I could feel it and I tried to correct it a couple of times though, which is good.

After that, we started on mitts and pads, doing series back and forth,  mostly hooks on both sides then hook kicks .

We added the famous one :  Hit for 45 seconds with full power and get down and do some push ups  and do that again until you drop !

Then It was time for situps and several drills for the stomach, then different kinds of pushups.

Mikael said we would do some stretching  because it is obvious we all need it . Well I only have one comment for everyone in the group : God we suck ! 🙂

I feel I am getting more flexible though comparing to before , but still I really have some work to do !

We finished with static training and  again,  not many could  hold the position but I am happy to say I am not one of them , training that at home is paying off.

This was a great session,  even with only one good eye 🙂