November 24th

Exactly one year ago,  Mikael and I were flying to San Francisco, to attend Bruce Lee´s 70th Birthday celebration. We almost did not make this trip but I finally got allowed to fly. It was a good day, we were so happy to be on our way and had no idea what was going on at the same time.

It is only when we got back to Sweden that we were informed about Ted´s passing. I remember it was an early morning,  I was driving on the way to work when Mikael called.

I had not met Ted as much as Mikael or Stefan did but I can say that the impact he had on people was extraordinary. Ted Wong was a man who did not need to say anything at all, people just had a huge respect for him. In June 2005 when I first met him,  I remember having trouble believing I was talking to him , I was staring all the time, thinking “God this is unbelievable! Noone is going to believe me!”. My family in France even asked me several times if I was sure …

I don´t think any of us has ever stopped thinking about Ted on the contrary, we always feel he is looking at us, expecting us to go on and do well and this is exactly what we do.