Tough and tougher!

Ah this session was awesome and Mikael said: “it is just the beginning!”

We were 6 people today, everyone had a training partner.

Welcome to our latest member André Farao who is from Brazil, he was so pleased with the session that he will definetely join  the team.

(We also hope our friend Pierre is going to find us one way or another someday, we found out he came to the training, but in the wrong town! 😯 )

It was a 2 hours session, here is how it went:

We started with warming up, I jumped rope for 5 minutes and then did some stretch kicks.

We worked on mitts and pads, single punches and combinations:

–         Cross

–         Hook

–         Jab cross hook

–         Hook kick and jab (hit before landing the foot)

–         Hook kicks low and high

–         Side kick

We intensified the tempo a little bit with more power and speed and more combinations

–          Jab cross hook- 2 hook kicks, 3 cross

–         2 jabs  – Bob and weave- 2 cross – bob and weave  and jabs again … – 10 times

–         Jab cross hook- hook kick,  hook kick- jab, cross, hook – knee kicks- jab -cross -hook- pushups on the knuckles, up and start again – 5 times

We did some drills with one person jabbing the other towards the face, the other is avoiding with minimum movement of the head and intercepting.

And we started the physical training session:

Hit in the stomach

Hit on the legs (on the inside and on the  outside)

Hit on the forearms

Sit-ups hitting on the pads when coming up

Hit the pads keeping the sit-up position (without dropping)

I finished with stretching and static side kicks.

Will and Adam started sparring but it did not last long as Adam got almost knocked out.

I was very pleased about the energy I had, I could do it all, the arm is still a bit fragile when it comes to hold the pads but I can train and hit without any problem, I am very happy about that.

As I said earlier this was a killer session but it will get tougher as Mikael has a lot of drills he is going to introduce.

I am very happy about that and about the fact that we have a nice team here, I hope everyone keeps it up.