New times

I met Mikael yesterday to look over the training routine and plan more private sessions during the week. It feels so good to be able to meet in our dojo and just work on whatever we need whenever we want. I still have to train by myself  but these extra sessions will be really good for me.

So far the group sessions were very good, we are getting more training gear and that offers more possibilities. Mikael is also planning the upcoming sessions and it will be really interesting to see what he comes up with.

Last sunday  it was only Adam and I. Mikael made us work rounds on the bag and on pads, it was more or less the same session as the week before with Will and last wednesday with André. When only two people are present, the training is more intense in my opinion and we get more attention, which is good. I start to feel the benefit of the extra group training and it feels good 🙂