Mikael was not joking when he said this year will be tougher but the fact that he said “you ain´t seen anything yet”  is a little scary !!! 5 people present last wednesday,  we worked a lot on pads series and combinations at full power, almost all kicks and punches were involved, to finish with a really painfull serie of punches on the big pad alernated with pushups and situps… untill you drop !!!!!

Sparring right after that…………

I felt sick but no puking ( Coshe wasn´there 🙂 ) .

I thought I would have the worst muscle pain ever but I did not, I think the increased intensity is just good.

I feel better and better , this swedish winter is always getting on my nerves real bad but we gained almost one hour of light and this feels so good, I so look forward to more light so the days feel longer and we can start living again. I never minded the cold or the snow but I just can´t stand the night, even after almost 11 years in Sweden, this bloody night is my enemy number one, if only I could kick it away !

I went down to the dojo today to join  Mikael who was training . We have a lot of new gear in there, now it really feels like a Martial Art place!  We have some kind of heavy bag formed like a man that is used for different things, Mikael gave this thing a name, that was funny ! So we kicked that guy´s butt for a while and worked on the new bags,  then I did some pushups, burpees and situps.  It was a light session for me , but after a long week it  feels so good to be able to go there and blow off some steam …. 🙂

Now we are almost done with the place, we need new lights and a few mirrors and we are done !  The inauguration is just around the corner!