Private Session!

I missed a couple of posts in between but they will come soon.

I asked Mikael for a private session this Wednesday, it was more than needed!

We went through basics, on the heavy bag, then punches on mitts, kicks and footwork.

Mikael filmed and did not say anything to me, I had to take look at the footage by myself at home and make an analysis.

I could see immediately what was wrong and what looked OK. More wrong than right unfortunately but in my “self “critique,  I also could tell my overall form and technique have improved. Now there are a lot of small mistakes that I still do, bad habits such as the weight is too much on the rear foot, the body is not enough aligned in kicks, too much leaning forward and the arm is dropping. Surprisingly the position of the body is good when I kick on the left side, my kick is horrible but the position is better.

I was happy with my hook kicks and straight leads, more extension would have been even better in this last one.

The session on the heavy bag was OK first but Mikael said to relax and when I tried, the whole technique just fell apart. The difference between the two footages was just unbelievable I was so horrified I deleted it ! Don´t want to see that one again! 👿

We worked on reaction with mitts first and boxing gloves with focus. I had to try punching one and avoid being hit by the other. I just hate boxing gloves this is why Mikael did this one. At some points I ended up in a corner and found myself hit in the head and almost everywhere, I had to block and try to hit, the exercise was to stay there,  to stand, try to protect myself and hit . At the end the reaction starts to kick in and it not that scary anymore, I really want to do that again.

I have no doubt that the more you get used to be hit the more you can handle it, training martial arts is kind of the point !

The footwork is also better, I travelled in the room for a while and added punches and kicks and I guaranty footwork is NOT boring, this is a real workout when done the right way.

Private Sessions are something else, the focus is totally different and the intensity is 100%.