25/6 Michael Jackson

25 Jun

25/6 Michael Jackson

The reason why I am bringing Michael in my JKD Blog is because together with Bruce, Michael Jackson is my preferred artist of all times. As for Bruce I have been a fan more or less since I was born and I never stopped.

There are few sensitive subjects that have me involved in heated discussions; Bruce and Michael are definitely some of them 🙂

Either than being a great dancer ( the Best ! ) and song writer, Michael to me was a human being that had a big heart, he loved the planet and respected life in all kinds. I still am amazed when I listen to his music and look at the videos. To that day I have never seen any equal , I feel this kind of talent cannot be found elsewhere.

No matter how much some evil people tried to break him,  Michael has succeeded in making an impact, I am so happy I have been able to experience and grow with his music. Not only the music was good but I hope the messages he sent were received, it most certainly had an impact on me.

It´s been three years today,  there will never be another one no matter how hard they try and  this can never be taken away from you, Rest in Peace Michael.

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