Jesse Glover

An another one has now joined the master in heaven,  Rest in Peace Jesse Glover, 16/10/1934 – 27/06/2012.

Jesse Raymond Glover was Bruce Lee‘s first student and first assistant instructor in the United States. He met Lee in 1959, as they both attended Edison Technical College and was the one who first taught Lee judo. Glover was a psychology major and a champion judoka. The character based on Glover in the 1993 film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, starring Jason Scott Lee, was named Jerome Sprout.

Jesse started a Gungfu class of his own and Leroy Garcia and James DeMile came along and assisted him, which was the first ever independent Jun Fan arts related class. Jesse Glover was the first authorized martial arts instructor to be trained by Bruce Lee. He has developed his own method which he calls Non-Classical GungFu.

Article from Wikipedia.