What does not kill you make you stronger

Yeah !  sometimes you think you can´t but pushing anyway,  you see you can! …. until you really can´t anymore 🙂

It takes around 20 minutes up and down in the forest to bike from my place to the famous ski slope where the famous stairs from hell are.

Around 250 stairs up where the  last 100 ones are the worst because they are so steep. I tried once and  had to stop in the middle but ran the last part anyway after a few seconds break.

At the top I had to catch my breath for a while . I put some music on as I came down and  I thought I was done for today, then  it started to play “eye of the tiger”  oh  really ????

I can´t go away now !  I felt I just had to run again, come on !  show what you got! are you a fighter or what? 

and I did it again , It felt harder than the first time, I thought I would pass out or puke on the top but no I was fine.

As I came down I thought , yes good, I did it!  and then I saw the bike waiting , oh my god, I am not done yet …

when I came home I felt quite good, I thought : well that was not so bad after all, I get off the bike and my legs are shaking, YES GOOD !

and  tomorrow , I hit the gym  🙂