We started the new season and  it was only Will and I tonight.

We worked on basics on mitts, straight lead cross hook showel hook and corkscrew,  all in combinations as well as hook kicks low and high. All exercises were made on both sides, we finished with reaction on mitts ( hit the mitt before being hit) , and footwork in situation when the partner is doing whatever he feels like,  the exercise was to use only footwork reaction. High tempo session for tonight really good and enjoyable exercises as usual, we look forward to next time.

I have done some work in the training room this summer,  I installed some mirrors and put up some framed  pictures , it starts to look pretty good in there, we also have more gear that we look forward to use. Mikael and I have trained on our stamina this summer, lots of long bike rides have made our tighs stronger, as if Mikael needed that !!!!  I have trained at the gym to get my muscles back as I had lost them because of my injury, I am working hard on getting back in shape. I am quite happy with my progress, I feel it does not take as long as I thought.

Let´s talk about the plans for this season, unfortunately I don´t think there will be a San Francisco trip this year because the prices are too high. We are now just waiting in case there is a last minute trip we can take for a good price but it does not look so good. I am very disappointed, I looked forward to meet Allen and Annie, Jeff and Julie, and the city that I  love so much , I also wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday in SF. We may travel to Seattle next year instead, but I really hope we can meet our friends there.

Mikael will probably make a second Norwegian seminar in November, so we have some events coming up which is good. Right now we have quite some people injured or leaving abroad for a while ,but Coshe is in town right now and we will take the opportunity to meet him before he leaves for Los Angeles again.