2/9/2012 First outdoor training

That first outdoor training was very nice even if it rained, we had a great time and were pleased to see a lot of people showed up.

From the newest members Mikael Göransson, Adam Torssel, Nicolas Nikander, and the “old” ones, Will Remy Mikael and I.

We worked on pads combinations and feeding punches first then kicks.

We moved the party to the stairs and after that to the backside of the slope, some of us had someone on their shoulders and some just ran up.

That as usual is finishing us for good, as a reward we had prepared some fermented herrings ………….

Here is how it went, first Remy opens the can and everyone is going away, the smell is horrible !

Remy started,  first you have bread potatoe onion and fresh cream and you hide that thing somewhere in there !  Remy did not like it but he ate it anyway ! I was next and I swear I tried to keep that first bite in but there was no way I would swallow this thing, so it came out again! Both Adam and Nicolas were very brave and after a while I noticed one of us had just disappeared, Will was nowhere in sight !  Mikael G stayed but he did not try .

Now let´s have a summary,  2 chickens, one half chicken ( me ) and 3 brave guys,  what does it left us with ? one crazy person guess who ? of course Mikael ate two raw straight out of the can with nothing else , I felt sick just looking at him do that!!!

Well there won´t be any further attempt from me, this thing is so disgusting I understand why Swedish people have to rinse their mouth with vodka when they eat that !

Anyway, next time there will be food after the training session it will be French, ( that is why we call it food ! )

Thank you all for this Sunday , we had a great time.